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Balanoposthitis, which is an inflammation of the glans and inner layer of the foreskin of the penis. It is caused by an infection of polymicrobial etiology (staphylococci, Viagra, streptococci) and can be sexually transmitted. Rash in the groin area (candidiasis, etc.). Sores and warts in the genital area. Lesions of the skin in the genital area are also treated by a dermatovenerologist.

In order to understand in which cases a urologist is needed, and in which - a narrower specialist, it is important to know who the urologist-andrologist is, what this doctor is treating and when you take Sildenafil should contact him.

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A urologist-andrologist is a doctor who diagnoses, treats and prevents pathological processes and diseases of the male reproductive system. sexual dysfunctions of any etiology; male infertility; male menopause; violation of the synthesis and metabolism of androgens; pathology of the prostate gland; oncological diseases of the male genital organs, etc.

Unlike an andrologist, who deals exclusively with reproductive and sexual dysfunctions, an andrologist-urologist can also treat bladder and urinary disorders. If endocrine and hormonal disorders in men can be treated conservatively, then in the presence of visual or physiological defects in the genitals, the patient needs a urological surgeon.

A urologist-oncologist is a narrow-profile specialist who diagnoses and treats neoplasms of the male reproductive system and urinary system in both sexes. making a diagnosis, which includes studying the history, researching the causes of the formation of atypical cells and conducting tests and studies; selection of a protocol for the treatment of neoplasms, including medications to reduce pain in patients at the last stage of cancer development; removal of neoplasms and cancer therapy; immunotherapy after removal of malignant tumors for the recovery and rehabilitation of the patient; carrying out preventive measures to help prevent the development oftie of oncological diseases.

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